• Range

    We offer volume, injection and withdrawal storage capacities as bundled or unbundled products.


    To describe our product range, which is associated with the speed for the gas injection into storage and the gas withdrawal from storage, we usually count the days for injection and withdrawal. For example a “170/85 days” product means 170 days’ injection and 85 days’ withdrawal.


    Our usual product range is from 170/85 to 30/30. Within this range you can request all variations as shown in the matrix below.


    We can offer you even higher speed than 30/30, for instance 10 days’ injection and 10 days’ withdrawal, but only if our assessment of the availability of such product results in an approval. The available volume depends on the required speed and our global storage sale. The faster product you require the more limited volume we can offer you.

    Product range

  • Size

    We offer storage capacity down to 1 MWh.

    The maximum available volume is depending on global storage sale and required speed. The faster the product is, the more limited volume we can sell. 

  • Duration
    We offer yearly products with duration from 1 to 10 years.

    Within-year products may run from 11-months rest-of-year to 1-hour within-day product.

  • Marketing

    Storage capacity can be booked either by contacting us directly (FCFS) or via preannounced auctions.

    Even we sell the capacity on auctions, we usually offer an opportunity for product customization to all successful bidders after auction close. For example, if we auction a “170/85 days” product (170 days’ injection/85 days’ withdrawal), you will have an opportunity to book additional flexibility (e.g. up to “120/60 days”) by giving us a notice within a preannounced time window after auction close. The price for extra flexibility will be published together with the Auction Rules.

  • Management

    Comprehensive and transparent product management is a focus point for us.


    We offer capacities as a combination of seasonal capacity (170 days’ injection/85 days’ withdrawal, ie. “170/85 days” product) plus an acceleration fee in order to adopt to the exact speed requested by you (e.g. up to “30/30 days” product).


    Our experience shows that this is considered very convenient and adequate by most of our customers. The additional speed (injection or withdrawal) can be added when the contract is concluded or even later, if you wish to adjust the speed of your storage capacity.


    The price would always be based on the value that a specific ingredient may generate during its life-time cycle according to the forward market at the time of valuation.
  • Pricing

    Our price model is based on the value that our storage customer generates by injecting gas during periods of low demand and price, and withdrawing gas during periods of high demand and price.

    The revenues are commonly named as intrinsic and extrinsic.

    • The driver of the intrinsic value is the spread between summer and winter prices. The spread can be observed, calculated and hedged at the time of valuation of the storage product we offer.
    • The extrinsic value refers to all other values that can be generated by the storage facility, but can only be observed and hedged to a certain extent at the time of valuation. The level of extrinsic value is a complex function of seasonal spreads, spot price spikes due to market dynamics and liquidity constraints.

    Graphical illustration of our price model >>

  • Call option

    We can offer you a call option for storage capacity well in advance of the service period.


    The option gives you the right, but not the obligation to purchase firm storage capacity. We will reserve the capacity for you as actually booked until a predefined deadline.

    You will pay a reservation fee. This is the only payment in case you do not exercise the option.


    If the option is exercised, your total payment will include the reservation fee and  the following payments:

    • a strike price, which is the fixed price in €/MWh settled on an agreed day as calculation of the SUM/WIN spread for "170/85 days" product, plus a constant
    • an acceleration fee, but only in case you require more speed than 170/85
    • a variable injection fee

    You have the opportunity to replace the variable injection fee with a flat rate, which is an upfront fixed payment for injection with free cycling of your storage.


  • Profit sharing
    Under specific circumstances we can offer you a profit sharing in various versions.
  • Gas loan
    Due to various ongoing maintenance projects in our cavern storage facility, we might be able to offer you fixed-term loaning products, which are limited in scope depending on the ongoing maintenance.
  • Firm capacity

    You are welcome to contact us about the pricing of a particular storage product. 

    We will respond right away by valuation of availability and offering a price model for the calculation of a market-based price for the requested product. When a price model has been agreed on, we will also forward an actual price offer for further discussions. 

    Read more about our pricing model >>

  • Interruptible capacity

    You can order capacity on interruptible basis simply by submitting a nomination in excess of your booked firm capacities.

    Interruptible VOLUME
    Start date End date DKK/kWh/h app. €/MWh/h
    28.06.2014 0.0000040 0.0005


    Interruptible INJECTION
    Start date End date DKK/kWh app. €/MWh
    01.03.2019 30.04.2019 0.00186 0.25
    01.12.2018 28.02.2019 0.00261 0.35
    01.08.2018 30.11.2018 0.00521 0.7
    01.07.2018 31.07.2018 0.00261 0.35
    01.05.2018 30.06.2018 0.00186 0.25
    28.06.2014 30.04.2018 0.00260 0.35


    Interruptible WITHDRAWAL
    Start date End date DKK/kWh app. €/MWh
    01.03.2019 30.04.2019 0.03724 5.0
    01.02.2019 28.02.2019 0.02234 3.0
    01.01.2019 31.01.2019 0.01490 2.0
    01.12.2018 31.12.2018 0.00745 1.0
    01.05.2018 30.11.2018 0.00372 0.5
    28.06.2014 30.04.2018 0.00370 0.5


    The residual between your nomination and your booked firm capacity will be automatically treated and charged as an order for interruptible capacity.

    • There is a 2-hour lead time in every direction (injection and withdrawal) in case of re-nomination.
    • Your order for interruptible capacity in a particular hour will be finally approved 2 hours before the hour in question.
    • The limits for interruptible capacities (injection and withdrawal) are specified in your Standard Storage Customer Agreement. 

    You only pay for the interruptible capacity received and utilized (pay-as-used).

  • Variable injection

    You only pay the fee for the variable injection when you actually inject gas into the storage (pay-as-used). The fee for variable injection is the only fee additional to the capacity price. 

    Fee for variable injection
    Start date End date DKK/kWh
    01.05.2015 30.04.2019 0.00173 (approx. 0.23 €/MWh)
    01.05.2019    0.00223 (approx. 0.30 €/MWh)

    Furthermore, you have an option to replace the fee for variable injection by flat rate, which is an upfront fixed payment with free cycling.


  • Flat rate

    The flat rate is an alternative to the fee for variable injection.

    The flat rate is an upfront fixed payment with free cycling. The flat rate promotes multi-cycling of the storage mainly for trading purposes.

    Flat rate fee
    Start date End date DKK/kWh
    01.05.2016 30.04.2019 0.00173 (approx. 0.23 €/MWh)
    01.05.2019    0.00223 (approx. 0.30 €/MWh)

    Please note:

    • In case of transfer of natural gas from a storage customer with flat rate to another storage customer who has chosen to pay a fee for variable injection, we will charge the transferring storage customer (with the flat rate) an amount corresponding to the transferred amount of natural gas multiplied with the flat rate applicable at the time of the transfer.
    • In case of transfer of firm volume capacity from a storage customer, who has chosen to pay a fee for variable injection to a storage customer who has chosen flat rate, we will charge the receiving storage customer (with the flat rate) an amount corresponding to the transferred amount of firm volume capacity multiplied with the flat rate applicable at the time of the transfer.
  • Other fees

    We do not charge fees for transfer, REMIT reporting, contract administration or IT. 


  • Other payments

    In case of compulsory purchasing of stored natural gas from storage customers’ accounts, Gas Storage Denmark will apply the following prices:

    Purchase price 50% of the TTF gas price

    The TTF gas price:

    1. Monthly average of the daily quoted Dutch TTF day-ahead-prices (average of high and low quotation as published by Platts)

    2. Quotations are used for the same calendar month in which the storage gas purchase takes place

    3. Convert the price from €/MWh into €/kWh by using the conversion factor 1/1000

    4. Convert this price into DKK/kWh by using a monthly average of the daily exchange rates as published by Danmarks Nationalbank (the Danish National Bank)