Registered storage customers may access our customer portal developed to offer the following functionalities:

  • Relations, Master data and Contracts overview
  • Nomination to storage
  • Storage position and Invoices overview
  • Initiate transfer of gas and/or capacity in storage (available soon)
  • Book short-term storage capacity (available soon)
  • Bulletin board (available soon)




Requests for transfers in storage, purchase of short-term capacities (DA, MA) or facilitation of anonymous and non-anonymous contact to other storage customers, will be perform by GSD on demand. For the purpose, please contact us by phone within office hours or send an email to

Deadlines for request for transfer:

  • prior to 13:00 on the last bank day before effect start of the requested transfer.

Deadlines for request for short-term capacity:

  • Daily Contract - prior to 13:00 on the last bank day before start of the Daily contract;
  • Monthly Contract - prior to 13:00 on the last bank day of the Month before start of the Monthly contract.


Become a customer

You have to become a registered storage customer by entering into a Storage Customer Agreement with Gas Storage Denmark before you can make use of our storage services.

You can find the Storage Customer Agreement in Appendix 1 to GTCGS (General Terms & Conditions Gas Storage).

  • Gas Storage Denmark will approve a free credit limit before signing the Storage Customer Agreement. The required documentation is your latest financial highlights and all subsequent interim financial announcements (if any) as well as your indication for the required by you credit limit.
  • In case Gas Storage Denmark requires additional security, this must be effected before you can act as a storage customer.
  • When all credit arrangements have been agreed and effected, you will receive the Storage Customer Agreement to be signed and returned to Gas Storage Denmark.

New player on the danish market

If you are a new player on the Danish market, you also need to be registered in the Register of Players and enter into a Storage Customer Framework Agreement with the Danish System Operator ENERGINET.


Deadlines to get ready for your first day as a storage customer

  • The Danish System Operator ENERGINET needs to receive your master data and a signed Storage Customer Framework Agreement not later than 13 business days before the first gas day in the requested contract period.
  • Gas Storage Denmark needs to receive your signed Storage Customer Agreement (Appendix 1 to GTCGS) not later than 8 business days before the first gas day of the requested agreement period, unless we have agreed to a different deadline in writing.

Book capacity

Storage capacities can be booked either by contacting us directly for bilateral agreement or via announced auctions.

We offer our storage capacities to all interested customers on a non-discriminatory and transparent basis and in accordance with the applicable statutory requirements.

Customer list

If you are new customer you may be interested to be listed in our Customer List.

The Customer List has been established to make it easier to exchange gas or capacity or both inside the storage facility. Please contact us, if you wish to show your company name on the Customer List.

View the Customer List