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  • 2019   GSD's two holding companies and two operating companies are merged into only two - one holding company and one operating company. The merger operating company takes over  the name Gas Storage Denmark A/S with CVR-number: 29 85 12 47.

2005 - 2016

  • 2016  With effect from 1 November 2016, the company name was changed to Gas Storage Denmark A/S
  • 2014  Energinet acquired the gas storage facility at Stenlille
  • 2006  Energinet acquired the gas storage facility at Lille Torup
  • 2005  Energinet was established as a legal entity

1984 - 1994

  • 1994  The gas storage facility at Stenlille was commissioned

  • 1991  DONG was granted a license by the authorities to build the gas storage facility at Stenlille

  • 1987  The gas storage facilityatn Lille Torup was commissioned

  • 1984  The first gas produced in the Danish part of the North Sea was flowed ashore at Nybro

1980 - 1983

  • 1983  The first caverns designated for gas storage at Lille Torup were leached

  • 1982  The first natural gas flowed into the Danish transmission grid in the southern part of Jutland via the North German transmission grid

  • 1980  The first bore hole was drilled at Stenlille to investigate the natural gas storage potential

1960 - 1979

  • 1979   The Danish parliament passed a bill introducing natural gas as a source of energy in Denmark, which became a reality in 1982

  • 1972   The Danish state established DONG "Dansk Olie og Naturgas". DONG’s main task was the supply of natural gas to Denmark.

  • 70’s     After the energy crisis in the 70s, the Danish parliament decided to perform two test drillings at Lille Torup to ascertain whether the salt dome could be used for caverns.

  • 60’s     Already in the 60s, USA and Canada had been successful at leaching caverns for gas storage purposes.

Joint commercial operations

One storage model backed by two different storage facilities

Volume 10.820 TWh
Injection 4.2 GW
Withdrawel 8.1 GW

Lille Torup

Lille Thorup 
  • Cylindrical salt dome, 5 km in terms of height and diameter
  • 7 salt caverns
  • The top of each cavern is situated 950-1400 m under ground surface
  • The caverns are 300 m high
  • VOLUME 4,965 GWh (435 mio. Nm3


  • Aquifer type gas storage facility
  • The top of the ”pillow” located at 1,000 m depth
  • The ”pillow” is approx. 300 m high
  • VOLUME 5,855 GWh (513 mio. Nm3)