Gas Storage Denmark - Kontrol

Secondary trading

Gas Storage Denmark supports secondary trading of storage capacity and Natural Gas in storage. The secondary trading is performed in form of transfers between the storage customers.

The storage customers may trade among themselves by transferring three different products:

  • Stored Natural Gas;
  • Firm Capacity (Volume, Injection and Withdrawal, bundled or unbundled); or
  • Stored Natural Gas and Firm Capacity

Transfers can be initiated through the Customer Portal.

  • The receiving and the transferring storage customers must request the transfer by each sending a request by using the Customer Portal.
  • Gas Storage Denmark performs validations and executes the requested transfer on behalf of the storage customers.
  • The transfers can be observed in the Customer Portal.

The storage customer may use the Customer List to contact other storage customers for arranging bilateral agreements in storage. In adition, the storage customer may use the bulletin board on the Customer Portal to forward anonymous or non-anonymous messages to other Storage Customers.