Extra services

REMIT reporting

The REMIT reporting is an add-on storage service offered to all storage customers.

Since 7 April 2016, we offer you to undertake your REMIT reporting to ACER. The reporting is made on a daily basis. Each report contains your total amount of gas that you have stored in our storage facilities. To make use of the reposting service you must enter into a REMIT Agreement with us.

The practical set up of the reporting

As a member of Gas Storage Europe (GSE) we are using GSE's RRM (Registered Reporting Mechanism) to send reports to ACER. Practically it means that we map all our storage customers individual end-of-day position for a Gas Day in one joint message, which we sent to GSE on the next day at 11:00 CET. Upon the receive of our message GSE forwards it to ACER. ACER confirms the successful data transfer by returning of one joint confirmation to us. Therefore we do not forward this confirmation to you.

How do you know, what we report to ACER on your behalf

Each daily position reported to ACER in respect of a Gas Day can be observed in the daily ACCPOS message sent to you at the end of the Gas Day (before 06:00 CET). The ACCPOS message contains the accumulated position at the end of the Gas Day. Our reporting to ACER contains one value equal to the value in the ACCPOS message. You can also observe the reported value in ONLINE (our Customer WEB Portal) > the value for Stored Natural Gas under "List of nominations / Allocations" in hour 05 - 06 of the Gas Day .


Monitoring Filling Requirements

The monitoring of filling requirements is an add-on storage service offered to all interested customers.


If you have been a successful bidder in the yearly auction for filling requirements held by the Transmission System Operator Energinet, you are welcome to contact us for set up of the monitoring service observing a minimum level of your gas in store. In order to activate the monitoring service, you must inform us about the amount and the period for monitoring in a written message sent by e-mail to contact@gasstorage.dk. Upon the set up of the monitoring service into our storage system, the volume and period will appear on your contract list in ONLINE, which is the Storage Customer's web based user interface.


Please note that the filling requirements legally applies to the Transmission System Operator Energinet as your counterpart and has nothing to do with Gas Storage Denmark.