Remaining capacity for SY2018/19

Storage capacity remaining for sale in SY2018/19

At the present time GSD has 3,568 GWh storage capacity available for sale in the next SY2018/19 starting 1 May 2018.
From this volume we have planned to sell 1,500 GWh on an auction scheduled to start at 12:00 (CET) on 24th January.
In respect to the remaining 2,068 GWh we would like to draw your attention to the fact that in accordance with the Danish legislation, the Danish TSO Energinet will book volume capacity for Emergency supply purpose. The final position of the TSO in the coming storage year has not yet been settled. GSD has, however, made a capacity reservation that enables the TSO to buy up to 1,400 GWh. Should the TSO choose to make full use of the reservation, there will be a remaining capacity of 668 GWh left for commercial sale provided that the auction is sold out.
Furthermore a volume capacity of 1,000 GWh, which is labeled as booked at the present, has been offered on call option terms with execution deadline by the end of February.
Should this option remain unused GSD will be in a position to offer the capacity on FCFS basis in the beginning of March.