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Book storage capacity on GSD’s Online, FCFS

GSD offers you the opportunity to book online storage capacity for Storage Year 2019. The capacity will be available on GSD’s Online System and sold after First Come First Serve (FCFS) principle starting from 4 December 2018 at 12:00 (LET).

The offered capacity is 1,500 GWh equally divided between 3 different SBUs:

  • 500 GWh 170/170 days product à fixed price 2.6 €/MWh (0.01940 DKK/kWh)
  • 500 GWh 170/85 days product   à fixed price 3.3 €/MWh (0.02463 DKK/kWh)
  • 500 GWh 120/60 days product   à fixed price 4.0 €/MWh (0.02985 DKK/kWh)

Storage capacity sold on FCFS via Online will be offered with price guarantee. See the box to the right.

The capacity will be available until sold out, or until GSD chooses to take the products of GSD’s Online System. Registered Storage Customers can access Online by using User Name & PW previously submitted by GSD.

Negotiated agreements

Please contact us if you need customized flexibilities or more capacity. We shall endeavor to propose you a matching offer.

Capacity overview (1st December 2018)

Below is an overview of the storage capacity for storage year 2019:                                    

  • 2,000 GWh - Expected volume booked by TSO                                       
  • 3,099 GWh - Sold capacity                                                                                  
  • 2,000 GWh - Sold call options (deadline 1st March 2019)                                    
  • 2,583 GWh - Available for sale
  • 9,682 GWh - Total capacity   


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Price Guarantee

If GSD conducts 1-year SBU Sale* for SY2019 in the period from 4 December 2018 to 30 April 2019 and the Volume Weighted Result Price for the Sale is lower than the unit price notified to the left and offered via Online, the Storage Customer shall be compensated for the difference between the purchased unit price and the volume weighted result price for the Sale multiplied by the Maximum Firm Volume Capacity purchasded by the Storage Customer.

*The result of each auction, expressed in sold total amount and average price, will be published on GSD’s web site

For the avoidance of doubt it should be mentioned that the result price(s) from the auctioning of 1-year SBUs for SY19, where filling requirements are part of the product, or multible years SBUs, where SY19 is included in the period sold, shall not be included in the calculation of the Volume Weighted Result Price for the auction(s).