Market Consultation 3-17 December 2018 Rules for Gas Storage version 13


GSD invite you to provide your written comments to not later than Monday 17 December 2018 at close of business

In accordance with article 20a, paragraph 2 in the Danish Natural Gas Supply Act, GSD shall consult the customers before publishing a new final version of the Rules for Gas Storage (RGS).


We are, therefore, pleased to invite you to review the draft version 13.0 of RGS, including appendices. Version 13.0 of RGS shall govern GSD's terms and conditions in SY2019 starting from 1 May 2019. Below you will find a “clean” version as well as a “compare-version” of RGS and appendices.

The main changes in this draft of RGS, version 13.0 compared to RGS, version 12.0 are as follows:

  • the introduction of “Online Agreement”, Appendix 5;
  • the introduction of “REMIT Agreement”, Appendix 6;
  • the thorough editing of Clauses 4-9 and 17 in order to achieve better communication and readability by restructuring of the content and exclusion of repetitions, unnecessary process descriptions and multiple cross-references. In connection with this some clauses have been excluded, others have been moved to a new position and some new clauses have been introduced. However, it has not been the intention to introduce new rights or obligations or changes in the Storage Customer’s or GSD’s existing rights and obligations under RGS and its appendices;
  • the name change: “Compulsory transfer of Interruptible Volume Capacity” in Clause 5.3.3 has been renamed to “Compulsory termination of the right to use Interruptible Volume Capacity”;
  • the name change: “Resetting the Natural Gas at the end of a Storage Period” in old Clause 5.10 has been renamed  to “Roll-over of Storage Natural Gas at the end of a Storage Period” in the new Clause 5.9;
  • the transfer of Injection Restrictions (old Clause 8.5) and Withdrawal Restrictions (old clause 8.6)  are no longer relevant; and
  • the Definition list in Clause 2.1 has been updated.

In addition, we have improved the wording in Appendix 1 on Storage Customer Agreement, Appendix 2 on Nomination Contract Order, Appendix 3 on Quality and Delivery Specifications and Appendix 4 on Guarantee payable on demand. The two new appendices – Appendix 5 on Online Agreement and Appendix 6 on REMIT Agreement have been used beside RGS version 12.0 and now are included in the appendix-package of RGS version 13.0.


If you have any comments and/or proposals to this draft version 13.0 of the RGS and the appendices, we invite you to provide us with your written comments to not later than Monday 17 December 2018 at close of business.