CALL for INTEREST 20 March 2019

Call for Interest 20 March 2019

Additional capacity may be available for sale in medio April

Yesterday, 7 March 2019, on the Shippers Forum held by Energinet TSO Gas, GSD presented a sale status of the next storage season starting from 1 May 2019.

All storage capacity has been sold. However, close to the start of the next storage season, GSD observes a historically high storage filling, which is expected to lead to a higher calorific value than originally assumed (more Danish gas in store). Therefor GSD plans to reassess the global storage capacity. In result, additional capacity may be available for sale in medio April.   

Therefor you are invited to submit a call for interest in respect of how much capacity, what product and how you prefer the sale to be conducted. Your preferences must be submited by email to prior to 20 March 2019. Depending on all calls for interest received GSD shall take decision on the allocation method and inform you about it on 1 April.

The presentation shown on the Shippers Forum can be reviewed in the box to the right.