Strategy for pricing storage capacity in SY20 -1920 x 515 px


The introduced price strategy in SY2019 will be maintained in SY2020

GSD is pleased to announce that the sale of storage capacity for delivery in the coming storage year starting from 1 May 2020 is open now.


The already introduced pricing strategy from SY2019 will continue in SY2020 and only a small adjustment will be made in respect to the pricing structure of the offered storage products.

This means that the 120/60 product continues at 4 €/MWh. In addition, the pricing structure of the products will be adjusted in a way that allows GSD to offer Withdrawal Capacity for 2,100 €/MW, reduced from 3,000 €/MW in SY2019. This price reduction will be compensated by a corresponding increase of the price for Volume Capacity. The price for Injection Capacity remains unchanged 750 €/MW.

Examples for product prices:

Pricing structure SY20_ NEWS 14-05-2019

The change in the price structure is aiming to encourage storage customers to buy more flexible products.

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