GSD BOOK ONLINE annoncering 29-08-2019

SY2019 SHORT TERM products WD, DA, MA

You can book short term firm storage capacity on our customer web portal ONLINE

Short term products MA, DA, WD for INJECTION and WITHDRAWAL capacities for the remaining of SY2019 are now available for booking (FCFS) on our customer web portal ONLINE.


Price overview   injection  I  withdrawal


The monthly products (MA) can be booked starting from today, while the day ahead products (DA) can be booked during each month. Within day products (WD) can be booked during each day of a month - with 2 hours lead time prior to effect start hour at the latest.


For rest-of-year products (ROY), please contact us for a negotiated price.


Please be aware that GSD reserves the right to change the prices of the short term products on a day to day basis throughout the year.


If you have any question please contact us.





You can access GSD’s customer web portal ONLINE by using your login’s User Name & PW, which GSD submits as a part of the registration process of each storage customer.



Booking deadlines

The deadlines for booking online products, the available capacities and the corresponding prices can be viewed in ONLINE. Booking is bases on FCFS.