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Available positions at Stenlille (Sorø)

Working for Gas Storage Denmark ?

Working for Gas Storage Denmark means working for a flexible and maneuverable organization with room for both talent and experience.

We are responsible for the storage of energy in Denmark’s national gas system. Every year a total of 10 tera watt hours (TWh) of energy flows through our storage facilities in Lille Torup and Stenlille.

Check out our current vacant positions at Stenlille (Sorø):

Should you have any questions, please contact Hans-Åge Nielsen after 5 August.

We look forward to receiving your application.




All our knowledge and expertise is managed and upheld by 3 closely cooperating teams in order to ensure a reliable and versatile liaison between storage, marketing and safe operations at our two separate storage sites.

  • Two teams of all together 27 employees, responsible for operation and maintenance of our technical plants in Lille Torup, Jylland, and Stenlille, Sjælland.
  • A team of additionally 10 full-time employees responsible for sales and customer support, product management, operational planning and reservoir management. 

We are highly trained and qualified technicians, machinists, engineers, scientists and economists.