ISO 55001 issued 31 October 2019  top text FINAL

ISO 55001 Recertification

KPMG approves GSD’s first ISO 55001 certification as an independent subsidiary in the Energinet group

In September this year GSD passed the first ISO 55001 certification audit by KPMG as an independent Energinet subsidiary. During the audit, KPMG reviewed processes and attended maintenance sessions at both storage facilities at Lille Torup and Stenlille.


The final audit report was received on 31 October 2019 and today GSD received the official ISO 55001 certificate from KPMG.


Previously, GSD was included in the Energinet Gas TSO certification, and thus, this is GSD's first certification in its own name.


 Mikael Buus Sommer

“It has been a really good experience to be audited by KPMG. They were generally very impressed with the openness and high level of proffesionalism and pride they met in all corners of our organization”, says Mikael Buus Sommer from GSD's Asset Management group.

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ISO 55001 issued 30 October 2019

Adam Elbæk

“The audit report - and KPMG's visit in its entirety - underlines that GSD in general knows the different aspects of our company, how they are linked and intertwined, what we do and how we do it. Of course, it is always a pleasure to get confirmed. In addition, an audit is an obvious opportunity for further learning; learning about our own organization, what we do and how we do it.

Having someone from outside the organization look you over the shoulder and in the books, will inevitably give a new picture. They can ask all the questions and see both the whole and the parts and will therefore naturally see something different and more than we do. And that is only positive”, says Adam Elbæk, CEO of GSD.