Nomination Guide for Edig@s XML 5.1 _ 13-12-2019

EDIG@S XML 5.1 - new optional format for communication


GSD is pleased to inform that besides exchanging of messages by using Edig@s XML 4 format GSD is now able to offer communication by using the Edig@s XML 5.1 format.


In addition, the two communication formats can be exchanged with either AS2 or AS4 protocol for transfer and security.


The Storage Customer selects which format and protocol shall be used for the communication.


If you wish to switch from Edig@s XML 4 to Edig@s XML 5.1 and/or from AS2 to AS4 protocol, you are welcome to contact GSD’s Back Office for exchanging connection information and for scheduling a test. The test will be carried out based on FCFS principle.


If a Storage Customer has an agreement with a 3rd Party for the XML communication, GSD requires the Storage Customer’s approval of the 3rd Party’s mandate as GSD’s communication counterparty on behalf of the Storage Customer.


If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact our Back Office by mail sent to


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