GSD auction 23 April 2020


300–400 GWh will be auctioned on 23 April 2020

As previously announced, GSD is assessing the gas quality of the Natural Gas currently stored in the storage facilities of GSD. Based on the result of the assessment, GSD expects to offer 300-400 GWh for sale in an auction. Successful bidders will have the capacity on their disposal with effect start 1 May 2020 06:00 am, Danish time.


The auction will be conducted on 23 April 2020 at 11:00 am, Danish time.


All terms and conditions including product description and reservation price are described in the Auction Rules.


The exact amount storage capacity offered for auction together with the Bidding Sheet for participation will be announced by direct mailing to all storage customers and by publishing an announcement on GSD’s website on 22 April 2020 at 11:00 am, Danish time.


GSD invites all interested Storage Customers to participate in the auction. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.