GSD auction 23 April 2020

Final announcement before the auction 23 April 2020

500 GWh are available for sale

As previously announced, GSD has finalized the assessment of the storage capacity in SY20.

The result of the assessment shows that there is more storage capacity than the originally anticipated 300-400 GWh. The result is to large extent due to the currently low emptying of the storage facilities and the quality of the stored Natural Gas.

Therefore, GSD is pleased to announce that 500 GWh will be offered for sale on auction tomorrow 23 April 2020 at 11:00 am, Danish time.

All terms and conditions including product description and reservation price are described in the Auction Rules. The Bidding Sheet for participation in the auction can be downloaded here: Bidding Sheet.

Please note that the monitoring of the storage space and gas quality will continue throughout Q2-Q3 and if further storage capacity will be available for sale, GSD shall make an announcement in due time.