STATUS capacity 2021-2025


Information on storage capacity SY 2021-25

During second half of 2022, Denmark’s gas infrastructure is highly influenced by some important projects.

The Tyra Redevelopment Project is expected to be completed by 1 July 2022 and the delivery of natural gas to the Danish gas system will be reestablished. In October 2022, the Baltic Pipe is expected to connect the Danish gas system with the Norwegian continental shelf and with Poland. Baltic Pipe will be another centerpiece of Denmark’s future gas infrastructure and will deliver Norwegian natural gas to the Danish gas system on its way to Poland.

In consequence, from this point on the average calorific value and compressibility of the natural gas in the Danish gas system will be a result of the import-mix of the natural gas received from Germany (via Ellund), from Norway (via Nybro II) and from the Danish North Sea (via Nybro I). In fact, the changing import-mix in the future will have an impact with some time delay on the available storage capacity, when expressed in an equivalent energy unit.

Considering the complex import situation from the second half of 2022, GSD will make sure to inform you in due time about the expected marketable storage capacities in the years to come. GSD has made its first assessment taken into consideration the currently available market information on expected gas flows and planned technical projects in the storage facilities. The result numbers are shown in the tables below.

It is important to underline that the assessment is based on the currently known prerequisites and any changes in these may lead to changes in the marketable storage capacity. This includes any changes in the time schedules of the abovementioned infrastructure projects or investment decisions taken by GSD in the past or on a later stage. Therefore, when coming closer to the end of the Tyra period, our intention is to revise the capacities on a regular basis and inform you in due time.

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  • Injection
  • Withdrawal



MWh max. capacity yearly capacity
 SY21  9,782,000  9,782,000
 SY22  9,753,000  9,753,000
 SY23  9,832,000  9,832,000
 SY24  9,822,000  9,822,000
 SY25  9,813,000  9,813,000



MWh/h max. capacity yearly capacity
 SY21  3,780  3,700
 SY22  3,780  3,780
 SY23  3,780  3,780
 SY24  3,780  3,780
 SY25  3,780  3,780


MWh/h max. capacity yearly capacity monthly May-February
 SY21  7,500  6,750 750
 SY22  7,500  6,750 750
 SY23  7,500  6,750 750
 SY24  7,500  6,750 750
 SY25  7,500  6,750 750

Always updated information on available for sale storage capacity

The available for sale capacities can be seen on the diagram AVAILABLE CAPACITY