START of the EXPANSION PROJECT _ 1 July 2020


Expansion of the storage facility in Stenlille

Gas Storage Denmark is pleased to inform that the expansion of the aquifer reservoir of the storage facility in Stenlille has started today, 1st of July at 06:00 am.

Following the Gas for Capacity Auction on 16th of June 2020, the capacity not sold on the auction has been sold on bilateral basis. The storage customers involved in the expansion project will inject in total 2,000 GWh natural gas during the next 120 days, creating 800 GWh marketable storage capacity for themselves. The remaining 1,200 GWh will be sold to GSD as cushion gas.

After concluding the expansion project, GSD’s storage inventory will change from the existing 10.16 TWh to maksimum 10.96 TWh. The final amount of the extra capacity created under the expansion will be conditional on the following two parameters: 

  • The reservoir behaves as expected during the injection of the cushion gas
  • The market spread must last for as long as the injection of the cushion gas is ongoing

A final REMIT on the actually created additional marketable storage capacity will be transmitted as soon as GSD has a clear indication of the above-mentioned two parameters.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.