Sopra Steria to deliver GSDs new storage system


The implementation is expected to be completed by mid September 2022

Gas Storage Denmark is pleased to inform that Sopra Steria will be delivering a new state-of-the-art storage system to GSD. The system will go live prior to Baltic Pipe coming into production in October 2022.

The new storage system will allow GSD to offer, in addition to existing products, more individually customized products, such as multiple accounting with flexible allocation of unutilized capacity across customer’s accounts and individual restrictions. In addition to the allocation of interruptible capacity by overnomination, we will be able to offer interruptible capacity in pre-defined priority for interruption and other non-standard products. GSD is particularly happy to inform that a new modern customer web portal will be also a part of Sopra Steria’s delivery.

The first kick-off workshops with Sopra Steria have been held and GSD is looking forward to a fruitful and inspiring project process leading to future-proof support of our storage business.




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Sopra Steria specializes in providing business solutions to major commercial and system players in the energy sector in Europe and especially in Germany. The customer community of Sopra Steria includes trading companies, gas storages and transmission system operators. Furthermore, Sopra Steria supplies operational systems to the two German gas market areas Net Connect Germany (NCG) and Gaspool (GPL), which will merge into Trading Hub Europe (THE) as of 1 October 2021. Sopra Steria is also responsible for the provision of THE's business system for managing customers and customers' capacities, communication data processing, billing, and portals.