Edigas XML 5.1

Reminder for switch to new XML format

We are switching to Edig@s XML 5.1 per 1 May 2022 at 06.00

As previously announced, GSD and the System Operator will not support message exchange by Edig@s XML 4.0 after 1 May 2022.

Therefore GSD reminds all storage customers to contact backoffice@energinet.dk for exchanging connection information and for scheduling test. The test will be carried out based on FCFS principle.



Please note that in our original announcement, in addition to the switch from Edig@s XML 4.0 to Edig@s XML 5.1, we also required switch from AS2 to AS4 protocol for security communication. However, the implementation of the AS4 protocol has been postponed until further notice. Only the switch from Edig@s XML 4.0 to Edig@s XML 5.1 will be performed per 1 May.




To nominate to storage you may also use our CUSTOMER PORTAL