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Risk for interruption of injection used on INTERRUPTIBLE TERMS on 21 MAY

During the period from Monday the 2nd May to Sunday the 8th May, both days including

Reminder in connection with the Danish System Operators REMIT no. 3012 transmitted on 10th March. 

GSD would like to draw attention to the fact that the Danish transmission system will be operated at a lower pressure level than normal due to reprograming of the Egtved compressor station in connection with the Baltic Pipe project. The reduced pressure affects GSDs ability to inject gas in storage.

Therefore, all storage customers planning to use INTERRUPTIBLE INJECTION CAPACITY during the said period may face a higher probabilty for interruption. Booked firm capacities will be not affected.

In addition, on Wednesday this week, gas day the 4th May, the capacity in Ellund is expected to be zero as Gasunie Deutschland will perform a technical operation on their transmission system. The storage will be the only source for supply of the Danish gas system.