Important communication information

Our new operational system ESMS, Energy Storage Management System is now open to receive your nomination to storage for the Gas Day 01-10-2022 and beyond. Concurrently with the opening of ESMS, we are launching a new CUSTOMER PORTAL.

Please find below an explanation on the planned switch from our old system to ESMS. Also, please note that a corresponding switch is planned for the Danish TSOs system for gas transport management. The two switches are coordinated, and the below description is valid for both.


The overall approach is:


  • Shippers are able to keep communicating towards Energinet’s old backend system GTMS and Gas Storage Denmark’s old backend Storage Management System until the end of the Gas Day 30-09-2022.
  • Messages (NOMINT etc.) received for a Gas Day in September will be answered by Energinet’s old system or Gas Storage Denmark’s old system depending on which system you are communicating with.
  • Messages received by our old systems before 01-10-2022 for a Gas Day after 01-10-2022 will be forwarded by us to the new systems. The new systems will reply to you. As such: your request sent to our old system will be answered by our new system.
  • Because of the forementioned differentiation between Gas Days in September and October, it may happen, that on a single day you will receive messages from our new systems and our old systems. This is most likely to happen on September 30th if you are re-nominating for September 30th and nominating for October 1st.
  • From 1 October you will receive balancing messages from Energinet’s new backend system cpX.
  • From 1 October you will need to switch your system to send messages to our new systems. You can switch at any time, once your are finished renominating for the Gas Day 30-09-2022.
  • If you use Energinet Online or GSD Customer Portal for nomination, please be aware that you need to use the old Energinet Online and old GSD Customer Portal for nominating for Gas Days in September until and including 30-09-2022. For nominating for the Gas Day 01-10-2022 and beyond you need to use the new Energinet Online and new GSD Customer Portal. Nominations made on the old portals for Gas Days from 01-10-2022 and beyond will not be copied to the new system.