Market input on CO2 storage needs

Gas Storage Denmark A/S (GSD) intends to establish onshore CO2 storage at the Stenlille facility (the "CO2RYLUS project”). GSD expects to offer both injection and storage capacity for CO2 from ultimo 2025. The rate of expansion of GSD’s CO2 storage will depend on customer demand, and we would therefore appreciate feedback from potential customers with regards to such storage needs.

Companies with an interest in storing CO2 at Stenlille are therefore kindly asked to write to to inform us about their interest. All inquiries will be treated with confidentiality. GSD expects to be open for input until at least the 15th of August 2023.


CO2RYLUS - CO2 storage in Stenlille

Read more about our initiative within CO2 storage in Stenlille.

CO2 storage


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