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Call for Collaboration on onshore CO2 storage in Denmark

GSD invites all market participants with an interest in collaboration on onshore CO2 storage to submit a statement of interest.

Gas Storage Denmark (“GSD”) has decades of experience developing and operating onshore natural gas storage facilities in Denmark. As a result, GSD has special competencies in operating underground storage facilities in a safe and competent manner and has a committed strategy in bringing these competencies to work for the green transition.

Being state-owned, we are working on driving the climate ambition, and we have a mandate to work towards establishing a storage pilot for CO2 in Stenlille and use any learnings and findings to support the development of a commercial CCS market. It is our perception that we can be a strong partner in the development of onshore CO2 storage in Denmark.

In anticipation of the upcoming Danish tender for onshore CO2 storage licenses, GSD has initiated the process of exploring how we can best serve to promote the development, implementation, and operation of onshore CO2 storage facilities across such licenses. We call for collaboration on supporting any partner, on non-exclusive terms, in developing CCS onshore storage facilities in Denmark.

GSD therefore invites all market participants with an interest in collaboration to submit a statement of interest to this e-mail: All inquiries will be treated with confidentiality.

Any questions - please contact us. 


  • GSD owns and operates two onshore gas storage facilities located in Denmark.
  • GSD is currently developing Denmark’s first onshore CO2 storage facility located in Stenlille on Zealand, the “CO2RYLUS project”, with a clear objective of being in commercial operation by the end of 2025. 
  • GSD cannot submit license applications for other licenses than Stenlille.
  • GSD cannot exclusively collaborate with any partner.



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