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The diagram below shows the sum of all storage customer's hourly nominations (IR and WR) accepted by GSD and expressed in unit "kWh/hour" for the current Gas Day (24h) and the next Gas Days (24h). MOUSEOVE the diagram area to view the 3 hourly values for IR and WR: (1) max available capacity (2) nominated on firm basis (3) nominated on interruptible basis.

  • IR means "Injection Rate"
  • WR means "Withdrawal Rate"

All passed hours plus the next 2 hours are closed for renomination. The remaining hours will be updated on an hourly basis.



MOUSEOVER the diagram area in order to show the nominated hourly values for IR and WR.


VIEW the daily historical values for IR and WR on STORAGE UTILIZATION



  • MOUSEOVER the diagram area in order to show values.
  • Use the buttons (upper right corner) to switch between diagram/table view or to download data.      

The nominations for the current Gas Day will be updated after each hourly matching procedure between Energinet TSO Gas and GSD.

The nominations for the next Gas Day will be visible after the first nomination round at 14:00 has been processed between Energinet TSO Gas and GSD.



Please note that the values listed in tables and diagrams are for informational purposes only and are not suited for settlement purposes. Though Gas Storage Denmark considers the numbers to be true, we cannot guarantee the accuracy.