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Our role

Our gas storage facilities are important to Danish and Swedish security of gas supply and help ensuring that private homeowners, businesses and power stations always have access to the necessary gas for heating, electricity generation and production.

Even though our gas storage facilities have been designed to meet the domestic demand for flexibility services, we consider the entire Northwest Europe as our export market today.

This is so for 2 reasons:

  • improved interconnections to other market areas - especially to Germany and the Netherlands
  • reduced gas consumption on the domestic markets - our storage capacity surpasses the domestic demand

Therefore, we sell our storage capacity to registered storage customers based in Denmark or abroad.

Our teams of storage experts

All our knowledge and expertise is managed and upheld by 4 closely cooperating teams in order to ensure a reliable and versatile liaison between storage marketing and safe operations.

  • Two teams of approx. 30 employees, responsible for operation and maintenance of our technical facilities in Lille Torup, Jutland, and Stenlille, Zealand.
  • An additional approx. 20 employees responsible for sales and customer support, product management, operational planning, reservoir management, business development, etc..

We are highly trained and qualified engineers, technicians, scientists and economists. We know our facilities in and out through decades of experience. In addition, we work together with Energinet TSO Gas in respect of coordinated operation of technical equipment for the dispatching of natural gas. We share a team of highly qualified specialists within IT, Back Office and the 24/7 Gas Control Center in a cooperative and open atmosphere within our parent company Energinet.

Executive Board & Management Team

Gas Storage Denmark A/S is a fully-owned subsidiary of Energinet. Energinet’s owner is the Danish state, and its business purpose is to own, operate and develop the vital gas and power infrastructure in Denmark. Please contact us with any questions about facility and operation. 

Executive board

Our executive board is in charge of the corporate strategy of Gas Storage Denmark.


Søren Dupont Kristensen

Chairman of the Board 



 Nicolaj Nørgaard Peulicke

Member of the Board  

Signe Horn Rosted

Member of the Board



Søren Hyldegaard

Member of the Board  

Torben Madsen

Member of the Board  


Management Team

 Martin Christensen



Rune H. Gjermundbo

Head of Business Operations & Projects

Simon Sehested von Holstein-Rathlou

Head of Business Development


Lars Bendix Nielsen

Head of Stenlille Site

Mikael Buus Sommer

Head of Ll. Torup Site


Søren Hyldegaard

Head of Planning and Project Resources