Security of supply

Tyra reconstruction

The Tyra platform will be taken out of production for massive reconstruction work during the period from September 2019 to June 2023.

Temporary minimizing of domestic production of natural gas

This implies that the Danish natural gas production in the North Sea will be reduced to a very small amount of natural gas produced by the South Arne platform.
As a consequence, the gas markets in Denmark and Sweden as a whole cannot be operated without full utilization of the Danish storage capacity. This production time-out implies tight conditions for the security of gas supply in case of a long period of extremely cold weather and high gas consumption.
During such a period, the primary source of supply will be natural gas imported from Germany combined with the Danish gas storage facilities.

How do we prepare

Gas Storage Denmark continuously carries out analyses and evaluations of the performance of the two underground facilities. Since they have been constructed in different ways, we apply different measures at the same time.
Stress test of the gas storage facility at Stenlille
  • For the aquifer at Stenlille, we have conducted stress tests in early 2017 to determine the actual performance on high rates of gas withdrawal over a longer period. 
Maintenance project at Lille Torup
  • For the seven caverns at Lille Torup, we have run a maintenance program for the replacement of pipes and safety valves in order to protect the caverns from corrosion.
Based on the test results from the gas storage facility at Stenlille and the maintenance project at Lille Torup, we have adjusted the marketable storage capacity corresponding to the performance that our experts believe is achievable. This gives a correct starting point for all subsequent measures and further analysis of the risks during the Tyra period.