Storing Energy in the Danish Underground

Gas Storage Denmark A/S owns, operates and develops Denmark’s 2 underground gas storage facilities, namely

  • the aquifer storage facility at Stenlille, illustrated in the top left image
  • the salt cavern facility at Lille Torup, illustrated in the top right image

From Single-Commodity Natural Gas Storage to Multi-Commodity Energy Storage

We intend to lead by setting the trails for transforming from a classic single-commodity gas storage to a new, multi-commodity energy storage.

Future energy systems will encompass a variety of technologies for energy storage and just as many different business models driving them. We believe no one technology or business model will rule them all. We need to apply all the solutions out there to meet the climate ambitions.

In Gas Storage Denmark we specifically bring underground energy storage solutions to the table. Underground energy storage is what we do and have been doing for more than 30 years and the expertise we hold within this field is unique and second- to-none in Denmark. The underground storage technologies provide solutions for large-scale and long-duration energy storage, a part of the renewable energy storage market, which until now has been largely uncontested.

We are therefore pioneering the development and commercialization of underground green hydrogen storage, underground carbon storage and underground compressed air storage, as we gradually adapt our methane operations over the coming years.

Strategic response 

Partnerships & Integrated Value Chains – Acceleration & Innovation

The energy industry works in long, serially connected value chains. If just one element in the chain fails, the entire value chain fails. For this reason we have chosen to work within a design based co-creation project framework that focuses on acceleration of the entire value chains for Power-to-X and Carbon Capture & Storage.
We do what we can to create something new, something greater than the sum of its individual parts.

We are more than happy to share and discuss new ideas. Don't hesitate - just contact us.


Our flagship project

The Green Hydrogen Hub Denmark project aims to be the world's first project to combine large-scale hydrogen production with two large-scale energy storage solutions - underground hydrogen storage and compressed air energy storage. Gas Storage Denmark is an integrated part of the project consortium and has been from the very beginning. With our large-scale underground energy storage experience and our cavern facility in Lille Torup we can play an active role in the buidling of hydrogen infrastructure and accelerate the green transistion of the energy system.