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Do you want to participate in the design of the future gas storage in Denmark?

Within a relatively short time, the Baltic Pipe will become the new centerpiece of Denmark’s gas infrastructure and a transformation process will start – from the peninsula-like system we operate today to a transit system with a massive gas flow passing through the grid.

Our expectation is that the Baltic Pipe will change the way we “think” our gas businesses and the underlying physical gas flows – e.g. existing market players might expand their activities throughout parts of the Baltic Pipe, new players may introduce composite portfolios combining upstream, midstream and downstream activities stretching along the whole length of the Baltic Pipe and, presumably, the storage facilities will play a different role for the security of supply. Consequently, the process of transformation calls for changes of the storage services offered by GSD today and consequently, our assets need to be prepared - by virtue of technical performance and subject to financially responsible operations, maintenance and investments on long term.

Therefore, GSD invites all existing and potential new storage customers and any other stakeholders with interest in gas storage, to participate in a market consultation aiming at clarifying the demand for gas storage and new services under the future transit gas system.

Your participation in this market consultation is very important for both GSD and for you. The interest and expressions that we receive, will enable GSD to operate the assets that you need in the future. 

Please download the Market Consultation Paper and return a completed questionnaire no later than February 22nd at 16:00, attached in a mail to


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