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What we do

Gas Storage Denmark A/S owns, operates and develops Denmark’s 2 underground gas storage facilities, namely

  • the aquifer storage facility at Stenlille in the central part of Zealand
  • the salt cavern facility at Lille Torup in northern Jutland 

2 storage facilities – ONE STORAGE

Our storage customers optimize their storage position as ONE STORAGE. Behind that, we operate our two storage facilities based on synergy and complementarity of the technical equipment and capability that an aquifer and a salt cavern offer, when operated together. 

Owned by the Danish State

Gas Storage Denmark A/S is a fully-owned subsidiary of Energinet. 
Energinet’s owner is the Danish state, and its business purpose is to own, operate and develop the vital gas and power infrastructure in Denmark.

How do we do it

We are an independent operator 

  • We market our storage capacities on fully commercial terms 

Our business is based on customer requirements, market value and commercial innovation

  • By pooling a decade of technical and commercial market experience, we develop innovative storage products in a dialogue with our customers and the market

We look to other sectors and foreign countries for inspiration 

  • We work together with our partners to develop solutions supporting renewable energy  

We take our responsibilities seriously

  • Towards the community and the environment via prudent and reliable operations
  • Towards our employees by promoting knowledge, personal development and health & safety 
  • Towards our business partners by maintaining high quality standards   

We work to ensure an open and transparent gas market 

  • We follow a compliance program to ensure that discriminatory conduct is excluded
  • We report annually to the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority (DERA) about our work 

We support optimum security of supply 

  • We work together with the Transmission Service Operator Energinet to mitigate the risk of supply crisis
  • We operate and maintain all our technical equipment according to the most recently updated ISO-55001 asset management standards


Active member of GIE/GSE

Gas Storage Denmark is an active member of Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), the voice of infrastructure operators towards European institutions, regulators and stakeholders.

Gas Storage Europe is a subdivision in GIE representing the interests of approx. 30 storage system operators across Europe. GSE is committed to improving the regulatory and investment framework for storage activities in order to help its members to continue providing secure, efficient and valuable storage services to the market.

 GSE logo    Members of Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE)




Our history

In its present role and under its present organization, Gas Storage Denmark was founded after Energinet acquired the two storage facilities in Denmark.

  • 24 August 2006, Energinet acquired the gas storage facility at Lille Torup
  • 1 January 2015, Energinet acquired the gas storage facility at Stenlille

Both facilities were acquired from DONG Energy (now Ørsted A/S).

From 1 May 2015, all gas storage activities were pooled in an independent company, Energinet Gas Storage A/S, which was renamed Gas Storage Denmark A/S on 1 November 2016.

To our suppliers

General information

The two gas storage facilities at Lille Torup and Stenlille are operated and marketed under the company name Gas Storage Denmark A/S.

Suppliers to the two gas storage facilities at Lille Torup and Stenlille, are required to issue electronic invoices, stating both EAN and CVR number, as well as the invoice address, cf. the information below.

Gas Storage Denmark A/S:

  • EAN-nummer: 5790 0020 4752 7
  • CVR-nummer: 29 85 12 47
  • Invoice address: Gas Storage Denmark A/S, Tonne Kjærsvej 65, 7000 Fredericia

Standard terms of payment

Gas Storage Denmark’s standard terms of payment are 30 days from the receipt of a final, adequately specified and correct invoice.

Requirements with regard to prequalification

Read about the requirements regarding prequalification


Joint commercial operations

One storage model backed by two different storage facilities

Volume 10.820 TWh
Injection 4.2 GW
Withdrawel 8.1 GW

Lille Torup

Lille Thorup 

  • Cylindrical salt dome, 5 km in terms of height and diameter
  • 7 salt caverns
  • The top of each cavern is situated 950-1400 m under ground surface
  • The caverns are 300 m high
  • VOLUME 4,965 GWh (435 mio. Nm3



  • Aquifer type gas storage facility
  • The top of the ”pillow” located at 1,000 m depth
  • The ”pillow” is approx. 300 m high
  • VOLUME 5,855 GWh (513 mio. Nm3)