UPDATE on remaining capacity in SY2018/19

UPDATE on remaining capacity in SY2018/19

Information about available capacity for sale in storage year 2018

 At the moment GSD has 1,434 GWh volume capacity left for sale including the 700 GWh, which will be auctioned today, 22 March 2018.

Another 700 GWh of the remaining 734 GWh is awaiting for assessment of the technical availability and final approval before marketing. Therefore, please be aware that, depending on the outcome of the technical assessment, we may have only 34 GWh available for sale after the auction today. We expect to be able to give you a clear information on the remaining available capacity in the start of April. 

The final position of the TSO in the coming storage year is still under discussion. GSD has, however, made a capacity reservation that enables the TSO to buy up to 1,400 GWh. If there is any excess capacity after the TSO booking, it will be marketed from start of April as well.