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CO2RYLUS - CO2 storage in Stenlille

Gas Storage Denmark is actively developing Denmark's first onshore CO2 storage facility in Stenlille, with a clear objective of achieving operational status by 1 April 2026.

Our CO2-project in Stenlille is known under the name CO2RYLUS and due to continuous investigation of the reservoir the expectations to the capacity have been adjusted from the initial 2.5 tonnes of CO2 to the current expectation of a minimum capacity of 10 million tonnes. 

Why Stenlille?

Gas Storage Denmark has 30+ years experience of underground storage in Stenlille due to the existing methane gas storage facility. Thus, we hold a deep insight of the underground, and thorough experience with safety, monitoring, communiation and good relations with the local community. 

Further, the existing infrastructure and organisation enables a relatively fast establishment of large-scale operation of the CO2-storage. 

Finally, an important factor in establishing a CO2 storage adjacent to the existing methane storage operation in Stenlille is the acceleration factor. With this project, Gas Storage Denmark seek to actively work together with the partners in the industry to reduce risks, optimise setup and improve the timelines for CCS projects in Denmark in general. 

The project intents to
create a platform for innovation and acceleration of the CCS technology in Denmark. The platform will be used to disseminate and share technical reservoir knowledge as well as experience with early industry standards in the integrated value chain “from chimney to underground” to promote accelerated development of the industry.
Specifically for this purpose Gas Storage Denmark is hosting and contributing actively to a number of research projects under the Innomission framework in collaboration with universities and others.




Good to know

  • GSD owns and operates two onshore gas storage facilities located in Denmark.

  • GSD is currently developing Denmark’s first onshore CO2 storage facility located in Stenlille on Zealand, the “CO2RYLUS project”, with a clear objective of being in commercial operation by 1 April 2026. 

  • GSD cannot submit license applications for other licenses than Stenlille.

  • GSD cannot exclusively collaborate with any partner.


Our project CO2RYLUS is named after the Corylus avellana, the common hazel. 

A hazel - just as any other tree or plant - absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere through their leaves. The hazel is native to the temperate Northern hemisphere and a regular species in Denmark. The hazel has been part of the Danish flora for thousands of years.