OPTIONS for sale FCFS opdatering

The remaining options after the auction of 2 May 2018 are offered on FCFS now


You can reserve an option for up to 700 GWh with deadline for the exercising of the option until 10 August 2018, 16:00 CET. The same 3 SBUs as in the auction of 2 May 2018 are available for your choice:

SBU_Options SY19-SY21

It is your decision how to combine the SBUs in terms of duration (*).

If you wish to request an option you just need to inform us about the total number of SBU's valid in all 3 storage years. Only if you exercise the option you need to inform us about your SBU choice and the corresponding duration per SBU.

A request for an option will result in an Option Agreement(**). If exercised in a timely manner, the option will result in a Standard Storage Agreement(***).

A request for an option will result in a payment of a premium of 0.05 €/MWh. In addition, if your exercise the option, the following prices shall be payable:

  • a fix price of 2.6 €/MWh/year for the 170/170 SBU;
  • a fix price of 3.3 €/MWh/year for the 170/85 SBU;
  • a fix price of 4.0 €/MWh/year for the 120/60 SBU;
  • variable injection fee(****) 

  If you have any question please contact us.




(*) Plase see the examples in section 5.1 in the Auction Rules of the auction 2 May 2018

(**) The Option Agreement can be seen in APPENDIX I to the Auction Rules

(***) The Standard Storage Agreement can be seen in APPENDIX II to the Auction Rules   

(****) Information about the variable injection fee in section D) of the APPENDIX III to the Auction Rules